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Underground Nuclear Hardened Former At&t / Dod Communication Shelter

| Ind. Commercial | 02/27/2012

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This is a former AT&T / DoD Underground Communication facility built in 1965. This site is located on about 5 AC. (plus or minus.) in Central Indiana It is unique, and unlike former missle sights there are no worries of site contamination (incl. surface water) by chemicals and missile fuel. This property sits adjacent to corn fields outside a small town in Central Indiana. You can be at Walmart and Hotels within 30 min. in several directions with fast food and groceries only about 7-8 min. away. Most people drive by this site never knowing what is below. It looks like a simple commercial site with only a couple of small buildings showing. It sits on a hill with a commanding overview of the flat terrain in all directions. A solid concrete roof provides a very solid – flat platform another 20′ above the ground. The property has very low (about $1,000) taxes and is zoned commercial / industrial. If you have investigated the cost and construction time to build even a modest family shelter you know what this property is worth. It is not a stripped down shell – systems and blast doors are in place! If you have 2012 fears – this is what you need. If you are a business in Chicago, Indianapolis, South Bend – this facility is only a couple of hours drive and could serve as a place to retreat to for senior executives and their families. I have employed a part-time caretaker, who is also a licensed electrician, since I purchased this property. These sites were designed to survive and operate after a nuclear blast and fitted with blast doors and valves, NBC filtration systems, large generators (also underground), deep wells (also hardened), and very large stainless steel water storage tanks (two 5,000 gal. – total 10,000 gal. of fresh water.) This one is unique because it was one of the last ones built and decommissioned. I have heard that the U.S. Government spent as much as $16 M in 1965 dollars to build these sites. It has somewhere around 8,500 -9,000 square feet of floor space – but with ceilings that are almost 19′. The mail rooms could easily support construction of second floors or lofts to double the square footage. One of the large room (the former battery room) was built on very heavy springs to absorb ground sway in the event of a nuclear explosion nearby. The entire building was built on gravel and designed to move almost a foot. Two large stainless diesel fuel tanks were placed underground (10,000 gal. total) but upon decommissioning AT&T filled the tanks with sand. The fuel fills are still visible at the edge of the parking lot. I have four (4) 10,000 gal. fabric military fuel (diesel) tanks (in crates with hardware) on site that are not included in the sales price but may be negotiated. The site is equipped with a crane to lift items off trucks and lower them down – almost 40′ – to the shelter below. An emergency escape stairwell accesses the surface through a second stairwell. The whole underground facility is also sheathed in copper for resistance to “EMP” effects. There is also a two vehicle garage (metal building) with a small office located above ground. This site was built to military standards and backups for all systems. The power to the site is 3 phase and stepped to single phase inside the facility. A single 225kw generator is located below ground and designed to power the DoD lines in the event of a nuclear event. The site originally housed three (3) of these generators and the surface stacks still exist. The site is also wired to receive power from a generator receptacle above ground should a mobile generator be pulled to the site. Our intent was to place a couple of small generators below ground to power the property. This site is located adjacent to flowing river and micro-hydro power is a possibility. This site is also perfect for wind power! The roof of the garage also can be used to mount solar panels. The small power sub-station (located on the edge of the property) and power equipment are included with the sale. Entire facility has been abated, AT&T upon vacating removed all asbestos and hazardous materials from the property. A phone / intercom and bell allow visitors at the upper level door to be viewed and screened on CCTV and “buzzed in”. There is a bathroom, shower, 100 gal. stainless hot water heater – all on site and working. There are two large sewage ejector pumps that push waste up to the septic field. There is also an incinerator located in the loading dock area. We resurfaced the parking lot and painted all exterior structures. There is a CAT electric forklift that goes with the sale. The property also has phone, satellite television, and high-speed internet that I have had run into the facility. Interior furnishings and equipment included with the sale: Futon (Couch / Bed) Microwave Refrigirator (full size) Refrigirator (small) LCD Televisions (2) Computer / Monitor (for CCTV / DVR system) CCTV System (16 camera system with DVR and ability to view camera from internet / iPad or phone) A couple of crated former USN/USCG pumps I got for eventual “micro-hydro” Small utility trailer Small new gas generator (probably 5Kw) Gas BBQ grill All system documentation that I have obtained pertaining to the facility will convey to the Buyer. I have many of the original diagrams, brochures, and operating instructions. I also have the names and contact information for some that originally manned this facility and serviced it’s systems. Why am I selling?: I purchased this property a couple of years ago to use for business storage – and to have a unique place to retreat to with my family if I ever need it. Shortly after purchasing this property I decided to developed a closer property. Since I purchased this property I have worked to ensure the proper operation of most necessary systems such as power and water. I really hate to sell this property – even if I do not have an immediate need for it because I know that I will probably never have another opportunity to own one of these sites. History: In the 1960s, AT&T, in conjunction with the Department of Defense, built and operated many hardened underground communication facilities. These sites were built to power the Department of Defense communication lines between bases to Washington, D.C. This site was closed in 1995. These underground buildings were designed and built to ensure nuclear survivability. They typically have a min. of 2 ft. thick concrete walls and ceilings covered with a minimum of 4 feet of earth. For security reasons these underground buildings were constructed at least 20 miles from major cities. Heavy blast doors also add to the security of these facilities. The buildings remain at a constant 58 degrees without any HVAC. They are self-contained with generator power, septic tanks, and deep wells. These sites are ideal for data storage as well as document storage. Details: I am selling this property to put the funds towards another. I cannot finance the purchase nor accept other property (real estate or other) as part or the whole of the purchase. Because of security issues and my distance from the site, I will require verifiable evidence of adequate funds to close this transaction to show the property or disclose certain information (including the exact location) about the property. The successful bidder will be required to provide such evidence within 48 hours of the close of the auction. Upon presentation of such evidence of available funds and presentation of an escrow funds check, I will disclose the location and arrange a site tour (to occur within ten (10) business days. I will expect the buyer to bring anyone with them that they need to view the property at that time of inspection. I will expect the buyer to execute a real estate “Sales Agreement” and place a 10% deposit in escrow at the conclusion of the site tour. A five business day “inspection period” will be allowed after the “Sales Agreement” has been executed. The Buyer will be expected to close the transaction within 45 days unless I have agreed to other arrangements in writing prior to the conclusion of the auction. The only reason that I will accept for failure to execute the Sales Agreement is if I have in some way misrepresented the site or it’s capabilities. ASK QUESTIONS BEFORE YOU BID! I have, and will continue, to give you the best information available but this information is not guaranteed and the site is sold “AS IS”. I reserve the right to modify or withdraw this listing at any time. If you have reviewed the listing before, please re-read the entire listing before bidding. Interior photos have not been included for security reasons but will be provided to qualified buyers upon request. Please email me if you are seriously interested (and have the resources to purchase) and we can discuss additional needed information. I also have photos of the construction of similar communication sites and it is unreal to see how much rebar was used and the construction process of these sites! Other equipment including a perimeter intrusion detection system (Sothwest Microwave) will be offered for sale, at additional cost, to the Buyer but is not included in this sale.