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Black Hills Gold Placer Gold Mining Claim Close To “deerfield”, South Dakota

| Mont. Land | 12/01/2011

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HI EVERYBODY – ROCK HERE AND A FEW WORDS ABOUT THIS LISTING: SEE THE TOPO MAP BELOW, THERE IS A GULCH THAT ENTERS THIS MINING CLAIM AT THE FAR N. EASTERN BORDER OF THE CLAIM. THAT RAVINE IS A VERY GOOD LANDMARK OUT ON THE GROUND FOR YOUR EASTERN BORDER HERE & OFFERS A BIT OF DIVERSITY TO THE CLAIM AS WELL..THE ‘BASELINE’ CLAIMS ALL STRADDLE ”SOUTH FORK CASTLE CREEK” ON GOOD WATER AND ARE NAMED AFTER THE BASE MERIDIAN, PART OF WHICH FORMS THE ‘BASELINE #6’s’ NORTHERN BORDER FOR 1/4 MILE..HAVE FUN!.. HELLO MINERS, PROSPECTORS, GOLD SEEKERS AND TREASURE HUNTERS ALIKE! THIS IS A 100% NEW LISTING! ROCKPROPERTIES HAS BEEN HARD AT WORK TO BRING YOU HIGH QUALITY GOLD MINING LOCATIONS. THE ”BASELINE #6” LOCATED ON CASTLE CREEK IN THE BEAUTIFUL & GOLD-FAMOUS BLACK HILLS OF SOUTH DAKOTA. THE ”BASELINE #6” BOASTS WELL OVER 1/4 MILE OF S. CASTLE CREEK TO PROSPECT! THIS GRADE AAA GOLD MINING PROPERTY HAS A FULL 40 ACRES, ALL 40 OF THEM STRADDLING GOLD-PRODUCING ‘CASTLE CREEK’ IN THE HEART OF THE BLACK HILLS OF SOUTH DAKOTA! ALSO: IT IS FALL TIME, NEARLY WINTERTIME & NOW IS THE TIME TO GET THE VERY BEST DEAL ON YOUR NEW MINERAL PROPERTY!! (COME SPRING/SUMMERTIME MINING CLAIM PRICES GO WAY UP! BUY NOW & KEEP SOME $$ IN YOUR POCKETS!) This mining claim is about a one hour drive south of ”Sturgis”, South Dakota (of motorcycle club fame) on U.S. Highway 14. You will pass directly through gold-and-history-rich ”Lead” and ”Deadwood” South Dakota on your way to this gorgeous, gold rich mining property. ”Rapid City” South Dakota is only 30 miles to the east.. You will not believe your eyes once you get there! Plenty of open areas to camp & set up your equipment. South Castle Creek is beautiful, and you will enjoy the scenery while you are out here. There are interesting and possibly gold-bearing rock formations here as well as numerous Gold Mining relics and old mines, bottle dumps and old tailings’ piles that are highly likely to contain gold the early prospectors missed.. Be careful entering old mines! Tailing piles are often a great place to prospect, swing a metal detector and listen for hits. Remember – the early prospectors did not have electronic metals-detecting equipment. Also, gold is over $1500.00 per troy oz right now!! An ounce of gold will very easily fit into the palm of a young child.. Castle Creek, a small year-round Black Hills watershed that cuts right through plenty of now-exposed hardrock gold deposits. These natural gold deposits are broken down by the water flow and gravity pulls the free nuggets & fines down into the water course to line the creek with placer gold. Black Hills Gold, the real Mc Coy – found in and out of the creek flow here – in new gravel deposits as well as the older gravels found along either bank. Do not hesitate to prospect both in, and out of the water flow here.. There’s gold here, and men know it. Get your own operation going, gold prices are through the roof right now, plenty high to offset your investment. This Grade AAA Placer Gold Mining Claim offered here on S. Castle Creek in the heart of the gold-famous Black Hills, has the potential to not only pay for itself, but to exceed your expectations as well. You won’t find a thing if you don’t go!!.. Remember I told you – there is gold here in and out of the waterflow. GREAT NEWS! – With proper state permitting, you may DREDGE THIS MINING CLAIM PROPERTY 365 DAYS PER YEAR!!, and others do it on their claims. It is up to you how much effort you choose to invest into your mining operation. Recreational gold panner or trucks and loaders, with the proper permits you can do it here.. Let’s all try to be great custodians of the forest. It is possible to succeed here with light equipment. Power suction dredges work very well here, also.. AH-HA!! The THREE NUGGEETOS!! GET OUT THERE & FIND YOUR OWN!! (June 6th last year, a man more or less just like you or I, looked down into his pan somewhere in the Black Hills & found a Gold Nugget in Excess Of 2.96 Ounces!!).. No problem finding the place. We’ll send you maps and instructions and ROCKPROPERTIES HANDLES ALL TRANSFER PAPERWORK DUTIES AND PAYS ALL RELATED FEES TO BOTH THE MONTANA/DAKOTAS BLM & AT PENNINGTON COUNTY, SOUTH DAKOTA REGISTRAR OF DEEDS OFFICE. WE MAKE THE MINING CLAIM PURCHASE FUN & SIMPLE FOR YOU!.. I like gold, and there’s plenty here for sure. I like the potato….oops, I mean ‘photo’ below and I use it often – you won’t find this one every time out to the claim, but nuggets like this one and bigger yet are out there.. Gold and Fun are the point here! You will find both at the ”Baseline #6” Placer Gold Mining Claim. The real stuff – Black Hills Gold, sold as jewelry and it isn’t cheap. Get your own – there is nothing quite like finding gold on your very own mining claim, it is both exhilarating and satisfying.. AND, hey – this is the Black Hills of South Dakota! There is PLENTY of stuff to do here! Above, one of NUMEROUS gold mines open to the public. There are also caves to explore, helicopter trips, shopping galore and plenty to eat. And, do not forget to take a run down to see some of our forefathers, immortalized on beautiful (and awesome) Mt. Rushmore, South Dakota.. Also – and one of my personal favorites – ”Sturgis” South Dakota – a major attraction during the summer months..!! The ‘SOUTH FORK CASTLE CREEK’ in the Black Hills of South Dakota is beautiful, and lined w/gold as well. Traffic is very light around the ”Baseline #6”, you will enjoy your solitude. THERE IS CAMPING ALL OVER THE PLACE HERE – including right on the ”Baseline #6” Placer Gold Mining Claim with an easy to get USFS Permit. Or, use one of the many clean USFS Campgrounds in this area.. This mining claim is just a few miles away from the mountain communities of ”Lead” & ”Deadwood”, South Dakota. The ”Baseline #6” is full size, 40+/-Acres roughly square in shape and spans Castle Creek for well over 1/4 mile.. AS MANY OF YOU KNOW – THIS IS A VERY SPECIAL GOLD MINING CLAIM IN THE BLACK HILLS HERE. WE HAVE A 100% GUARANTEED GOLD-RECOVERY PROMISE BY ROCKPROPERTIES HERE. YOU WILL SUCCEED IN GOLD PROSPECTING SUCCESS AT THE ”BASELINE #6” – EVEN IF YOU ARE A NEW-COMER TO GOLD MINING YOU CAN FIND GOLD ON THIS MINING CLAIM. THE OLD TIMERS AND THOSE WHO KNOW THE HILLS AND THOSE WHO KNOW GOLD HERE WILL BE BIDDING FOR THIS ONE. FOR PLACER GOLD DEPOSITS IN THE BLACK HILLS, THIS IS IN ALL LIKELYHOOD, AS GOOD AS IT GETS. THERE ARE OTHER GREAT GOLD AREAS, BUT NOT BETTER THAN THIS.. In the photo, above – see some of our locals! (..above photo courtesy of Gerald, friend in Rapid City!) In the map below, see Wyoming, Montana and Yellowstone National Park – a few hours to the west of Sturgis.. And our good ol’ U.S. of A.!! The Black Hills & the ”Baseline #6” Gold Mining Claim shown at the red dot and arrow.. THE ”BASELINE #6” PLACER GOLD MINING CLAIM (NO Extra Charge For All Of The GOLD NUGGETS YOU WILL BE TAKING HOME WITH YOU!! :) Section 4, Township 1N, Range 4E, Black Hills Meridian PLACER MINING CLAIM LOCATED IN PENNINGTON COUNTY, SOUTH DAKOTA ROCKPROPERTIES PROVIDES FULL TRANSFER DUTIES + PAYS ALL RELATED TRANSFER FEES WITH BOTH THE BUREAU OF LAND MANAGEMENT IN BILLINGS, MONTANA & WITH THE PENNINGTON COUNTY, SOUTH DAKOTA REGISTRAR OF DEEDS OFFICE AS A SERVICE TO OUR CUSTOMERS. ALSO, WINNER WILL RECEIVE A PACKAGE WITH MAPS, DOCUMENTATION, INSTRUCTIONS & A COPY OF YOUR NEW DEED FOR YOUR SAFE KEEPING. PLUS, WINNER WILL RECEIVE OUR PHONE #, SO WE CAN TALK GOLD!!!..OR, IF YOU HAVE QUESTIONS.. Here are the Rules Of This Auction: High Bid Wins The ”BASELINE #6” PLACER GOLD MINING CLAIM RIGHT IN THE MIDDLE OF THE BLACK HILLS OF SOUTH DAKOTA!! ..WINNING BIDDER TO CONTACT US VIA ”EBAY MESSAGES” AT AUCTION END!.. Payment Due At Auction End, Please Have All Funds Ready At Auction End to mail us via USPS mail. We will provide our mailing address + phone # to the winner. We Have Various Payment Options including Money Order & Personal Check. We Do Not Offer Financing At This Time. If You Have Less Than A ”5” eBay Feedback Rating, Please Contact Us Via eBay Messages BEFORE Placing Bids. Thank You! There are No Additional Charges – High Bid Is Total Purchase Price + Rockproperties handles all paperwork + transfer fees! Do All Research, Ask All Questions BEFORE Placing Bids! After receipt of payment, we will provide all paperwork duties/pay all associated transfer fees – Making The Placer Mining Claim Ownership Process Simple And Fun For You! Winner will also get a handy package containing maps, instructions, a copy of your deed, plus Our Phone Number so we can talk GOLD! – or, if you have questions. We have exceptional exceptional customer service – winner gets our phone # so we can talk GOLD!!..or whatever. We will take care of you, and we are Very Prompt! Only one will win, so PLACE BIDS EARLY IF YOU WILL BE AWAY FROM THE COMPUTER WHEN THIS AUCTION ENDS!! Have a Great Day, and GOOD LUCK BIDDING!! – rockproperties SUMMERS’ HERE! – YOU DO NOT WANT TO MISS THIS EXTREMELY RARE & NEAT OPPORTUNITY TO PURCHASE YOUR VERY OWN GOLD MINE IN THE BLACK HILLS OF SOUTH DAKOTA!! MINING CLAIMS ARE ”REAL ESTATE”, INVEST OR FUN OR BOTH!!! BLACK HILLS GOLD – WHERE DO YOU THINK IT COMES FROM…?!! Note to our friends and fellow prospector types: (Or anybody who uses our American Public Lands): Rockproperties is for obeying all Local, State & Federal laws and we strongly urge our customers to do the same. It is our experience that most laws and policies governing the uses of our public lands are reasonable, designed to simply protect our heritage for our children and for their children as well. As our population grows as a nation, more issues will likely arise, unfortunately requiring other & more types of legislation down the road. Please – let’s all try to nurture our public lands by maintaining a low profile as a group. ”New laws” can usually be translated as ”fewer liberties”, and regardless of what any law is ‘protecting’, we do not like it when freedoms are taken from us. The very best we can do is to make sure we are obeying both the law and common decency – let’s get out there & have some fun! It’s YOUR tax dollars you have paid all of your life, you have the right to enjoy YOUR public lands. But Please, when you’re out there make sure you are prepared to clean up after yourselves. Fill in all holes or trenches. Obey the law & use safety and common sense if you handle firearms. Please don’t shoot signs. Fastest way I can think of drawing negative attention to yourselves is to shoot holes into public (or private) roadsigns. No litter, pack it out. Bears will dig it up if you bury it, as will coyotes and raccoons. We can be a group of people that is welcome to any region or area – we bring money to gas stations, tackle shops, camping supplies, campgrounds, food, drinks, etc., etc., etc. If we also bring noise, litter & recklessness – pretty soon nobody is going to care HOW much money we spent in town. Having a good reputation as a group is important to us – it’s important to me that us gold miners are welcome wherever we go – now and in the future – Rockproperties Assembled using the FreeForm Builder at robshelp.com with EAPH.com Help and Hosting Check out my other items! Be sure to add me to your favorites list! On Dec-01-11 at 06:10:07 PST, seller added the following information: SquareTrade © AP6.0