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160 Acre Sw Oregon Placer Gold Mining Claim Land

| Ore. Land | 04/08/2012

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You are bidding on a 160 acre unpatented mining claim “CHENEY CREEK PMC” LOCATED ON GOLD PRODUCING “CHENEY CREEK” CHENEY CREEK IS A TRIBUTARY OF THE “APPLEGATE RIVER” LOCATED CLOSE TO THE TOWN OF WILDERVILLE, OREGON IN JOSEPHINE COUNTYhttp://www.webtrail.com/history/wilderville.shtml high bidder gets the mineral rights to the whole 160 acres of this unpatented placer mining claim. PLEASE READ THE WHOLE AUCTION BEFORE SENDING ME A QUESTION AS MOST OF YOUR QUESTIONS WILL BE ANSWERED IN THE AUCTION DESCRIPTION. WE MAKE EVERY EFFORT TO SHOW YOU THE CLAIM AT THE TIME OF THE YEAR WE PUT THE CLAIM UP FOR AUCTION, IF YOU VISITED THE CLAIM TODAY, THIS IS HOW IT WOULD LOOK. WE LIVE IN OREGON WITHIN 3 HOURS OF ALL OF THE CLAIMS WE WORK AND OWN. WE ONLY OWN REAL QUALITY PAYING CLAIMS IN WHICH GOLD HAS BEEN LOCATED. ALL OF OUR CLAIMS HAVE BEEN PROPERLY RECORDED WITH THE COUNTY AND THE OREGON BLM. LOTS OF RECENT RAIN WILL OPEN NEW AREAS TO EXPLORE THIS SPRING.. THE PICTURES WERE TAKEN IN MARCH OF THIS YEAR. WE MAKE EVERY EFFORT TO CHECK WITH THE COUNTY AND BLM TO MAKE SURE THE CLAIM IS FREE OF ANY ENCUMBERENCES AND OPEN FOR MINERAL EXPLORATION. WE WILL ALWAYS GIVE QUICK AND HONEST ANSWERS TO YOUR QUESTIONS AND SHOW YOU THE CLAIM AT YOUR CONVENIENCE. WE PAY FOR ALL FEES TO TRANSFER THE DEED WITH THE COUNTY AND BLM. THE WINNING BID IS THE TOTAL PRICE OF THIS UNPATENTED MINING CLAIM The Unpatented Mining Claim “CHENEY CREEK PMC” is a 160 acre placer mining claim located in gold producing Josephine County, Oregon. There are fewer claim owners offering the chance for ownership today. Many claims are kept within families for decades. This opportunity is truely unique and getting harder to acquire. CLAIM DESCRIPTION THIS CLAIM COMPRISES THE SOUTHWEST 1/4 OF SECTION 13, TOWNSHIP 37 SOUTH, RANGE 7 WEST, OF THE WILLAMETTE MERIDIAN ORMC#168941 A properly filed “Notice of Mineral Location” was filed with Josephine County and the Oregon BLM, after gold was again located on Cheney Creek. Cheney Creek is a tributary of the Applegate River, which produces gold during dredging season.http://www.webtrail.com/history/index.shtml Great fishing and Rafting on the Applegate and Rogue Rivers located within 10 miles of your claim.http://www.hellgate.com/http://www.rowadventures.com/rogue-river-rafting-oregon.htmlhttp://www.steelheadstalkers.com/episode_applegate_video.htm DIRECTIONS TO THE CLAIM FROM GRANTS PASS, OREGON From I-5 North or South, Exit at the Grants Pass exit (#55)http://www.southernoregon.com/grantspass/index.html and travel West toward the coast on the Redwood Highway for approximately 12.17 miles, turning left toward the town of Wilderville. This is the Old Redwood Highway. Head toward Wilderville for .5 miles. Left on Fish Hatchery Road for 1.7 miles and then right on Cheney Creek Road for 1.4 miles. This is the start of your mining claim. It extends for approximately 1/2 mile with a Yellow “No Mining” sign posted on a tree on the left side of the road.IT WAS A LITTLE WET THIS PAST WEEK WHEN WE ATTEMPTED TO TAKE PICTURES OF CAMPING AREAS BUT THERE ARE MANY OF THEM ON THIS CLAIM THIS CLAIM IS FOR SOMEONE WHO WANTS A QUALITY PLACER GOLD CLAIM. THIS PROPERTY WOULD BE A GREAT “GROUP” OR “CLUB” CLAIM AND IS SUITABLE FOR DREDGING, METAL DETECTING, PANNING, HIGH BANKING OR ANY TYPE OF PERMISSIBLE MINING OPERATION, LARGE OR SMALL ON CHENEY CREEK. DREDGING SEASON IS BETWEEN JULY 1st AND SEPTEMBER 15th AND I WILL INCLUDE INFORMATION ON HOW TO OBTAIN THIS PERMIT AND ITS COST TO THE WINNING BIDDER OR YOU CAN CALL503-229-611 FOR YOUR DREDGE APPLICATION FOR OREGON AN UNPATENTED MINING CLAIM IN OREGON IS NOT TAXED AND YOU ONLY OWN THE MINERAL RIGHTS, NOT THE LAND ITSELF. IT ONLY COSTS $140 DOLLARS A YEAR TO MAINTAIN THIS CLAIM OR DO PROOF OF LABOR AND FILE AN AFFIDAVIT OF ASSESSMENT AND PAY $10. THIS CLAIM HAS ALL FEES PAID WITH JOSEPHINE COUNTY AND THE OREGON BLM FOR 2012 AND YOU WILL NOT HAVE ANYTHING TO PAY TILL SEPTEMBER 1, 2012 FOR THE YEAR 2013.TWO SMALL FEEDER CREEKS ENTER CHENEY CREEK ON THE CLAIM IF YOU WISH TO USE THE “BUY IT NOW” OPTION, THE PRICE WILL BE $3900.00. YOU WOULD MAKE ARANGEMENTS WITH ME BY EMAIL TO BID THAT AMOUNT AND THE AFTER RECEIVING CONFORMATION OF BIDDING THE “BUY IT NOW” AMOUNT, I WOULD CLOSE THE AUCTION AND YOU WOULD BE THE WINNING BIDDER. EBAY WOULD THEN GET THE APPROPRIATE FEES IN WHICH THEY ARE ENTITLED. YOU MUST BE THE HIGH BIDDER WHEN YOU BID THAT AMOUNT FOR US TO CLOSE THE AUCTION. IF YOU ARE NOT, YOU MUST CONTINUE TO BID UNTIL YOU ARE THE HIGHEST BIDDER, THEN THE AUCTION WOULD BE CLOSED. This is an amazing opportunity to own an unpatented mining claim in one of the richest gold producing areas in Oregon. GOLD is running over $1600 an ounce as of this listing. http://goldprice.org/gold-coins.html Email me with any questions about this unpatented mining claim. ONCE YOU PURCHASE AN UNPATENTED MINING CLAIM, YOU OWN IT FOREVER AS LONG AS YOU PAY THE ANNUAL MAINTANANCE FEE OR FILE A SMALL MINERS WAIVER, TO KEEP THE CLAIM ACTIVE. FREQUENTLY ASKED QUESTIONS DO YOU ACCEPT TERMS AS OTHER EBAY SELLERS DO? The answer is NO for your own protection. The deed cannot be transferred until final payment is made. If the deed owner fails to pay the proper fees or happens to lose the claim, or the claim status is overturned, you are out all you paid. So we do not accept terms for your protection and want any minerals located to be yours, all yours uncontested and fully enforceable. WHAT IS AN UNPATENTED MINING CLAIM? A mining claim is a parcel of land for which the claimant has asserted a right of possession and the right to develop and extract a discovered, valuable, mineral deposit. IS THE LAND MINE? In a landmark case in 1930, the Supreme Court stated that: When the location of a mining claim is perfected under the law, it has the effect of a grant by the United States of the right of present and exclusive possession. The claim is property in the fullest sense of that term; and may be Sold, Transferred, Mortgaged, and Inherited without infringing any right or title of the United States and is considered real property. You own only the mineral rights until a patent is secured from the government. Presently, there is a moratorium on issuance of patents, however this is subject to change in the future. Presently, because of the moratorium on issuing patents, no applications are being accepted at this time. WHAT IF I FIND OTHERS CAMPING, FISHING, HUNTING, HIKING, ETC ON MY CLAIM? Others may recreate on an unpatented mining claim, however: you have the right to post mining claim signs warning the public of possible hazards and dangerous conditions pertaining to your mining procedures. You may also post “No Trespassing of Mineral Rights”. In most instances, the public will respect your rights and the signs help to convey the claimants rights. “CHENEY CREEK PMC” is well posted to keep people from prospecting on your claim. CAN I SELL OR GIVE MY CLAIM AWAY? Mining claims and sites are considered real property! The interest in them and associated rights may be sold, transferred, leased, rented, willed, or inherited. UPATENTED MINING CLAIMS IN OREGON ARE NOT TAXED. To keep your claim active, you must pay a maintainace fee to the BLM of $140.00 or file a small miner claim waiver and pay $10.00 on or before September 1st of each year for the following year. The BLM did send notices this year but expects you to remember to file this fee or your mining claim is declared closed and you lose the possession of your claim. The claim has all mining claim requirements and fees paid through September 1st, 2012. CAN I BUILD ON MY CLAIM? PLEASE READ THIS SECTION CLOSELY. The mining laws permit the prospector and miner to make reasonable use of a mining claim, as long as the use is incident and necessary to prospecting, mining and processing operations. However, an erroneous impression sometimes exists to the effect that the act of staking a mining claim is the shortest route to obtaining public land for a homesite, weekend retreat or other unlawful purpose. ANY USE OF THE SURFACE OF AN UNPATENTED MINING CLAIM FOR PURPOSES UNRELATED TO MINING IS UNAUTHORIZED and therefore, considered to be in trespass. (BLM notice to mining claimants, August 2009) WHO CAN OWN A CLAIM: Any citizen of the United States, a minor who has reached the age of discretion, a corporation, and non-citizens (aliens) who have declared their intention to become a citizen. After a notice of placer location has been filed with the county and BLM, a mining claim may be purchased by one or more claimants. The claimant can also be a business name. At the end of the auction I will email the winning bidder with totals and details for completing the sale and include all the paper work to keep your claim active. A properly filed quit claim deed will be recorded with Josephine County and the BLM by me and I will pay all of the fees necessary to complete the deed after payment is received. We require that the winning bidder contact us within 12 hours after the bidding closes and to pay for the claim within 5 days. If you use the “buy it now” option, arrangements must be made within 2 days to pay by cashiers check or through PayPal. You must have a PayPal account to bid on this auction. Good Fortune with your bidding and may you locate gold no matter what claim you win.